We Redefine Fast Food

 "Like most people, we lead busy lives. We often rely on fast food for its affordability and convenience. There's nothing like a quick burger or a pizza. Not really... at least not on a regular basis! Like most Hong Kongers, we like to eat well and maintain an active lifestyle. Food is a key element in our lives but let’s be honest, we would love to eat healthy but we usually don’t like the taste of what’s good for us. This was the inspiration for 12NOON. With this fresh, tasty menu, paired with cold pressed juices, 12NOON has redefined fast food and provided with great taste the necessary nutrients that our body needs to create new cells, clean toxins, and to just maintain a healthy weight and the energy level needed for our busy lifestyles."

 Pascal and Sylvie de Sarthe, Founders



Our Proud Partners

12NOON not only provides biodegradable packaging to put a little bit afford on saving the world. From now on, we also partner with Feeding Hong Kong and Hong Kong Recycle to redistribute the food to people who are in needed and to recycle the recyclable with you to return an environmental problem into a social solution in Hong Kong.

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Feeding Hong kong

12noon are delighted to announce that not only we strive to help to change the fast food game by providing healthy natural fresh food in all our stores to all our customers but we are also proud partners of Feeding Hong Kong. an organisation that cares to change and feed the needy and the less privileged. with this platform we try to pay it forward by donating all of our unsold foods in all our stores to not just play a role and create awareness but to be a long term partner of this charitable cause. we at 12noon cares.

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Hong Kong Recycles

"HK Recycles helps Hong Kong reduce and responsibly manage waste through the recycling of paper, metal, plastic, and glass." As we are partners with HK Recycles, we are happy to recycle the bottles used in our stores to help make the planet even greener. Simply drop your 12NOON bottle in our recycling bin after use and we will do the rest to help save the world, together, with you..