Coffee & Tea

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Freshly roasted in Hong Kong

"Freshly" brewed 100 % organic certified medium roasted certified mixed Nicaragua and Indonesia coffee, medium body, balanced with a touch of fruits.  




Earl Grey Tea

Grown at an altitude of 1,520m at the Darjeeling region in India, the premium tea leaves were finely scented with a hint of natural bergamot oil to create the distinctive citrus flavour. This tea is certified organic by Control Union.

English Breakfast Tea

Grown at the Assam and Darjeeling region in India, it is a full-bodied black tea with powerful taste. This tea is certified organic by Control Union.

Green Tea

This organic certified tea comes from Zhejiang, a province renowned for premium tea. The beautiful tea garden blends well with its natural surroundings in a quiet environment. This premium tea is meticulously prepared for the most discerning palate.

Jasmine Tea

This is the first tea to win a Grade AA Green Food Certificate in China. It was also certified organic by the BCS according to EC regulations. The mountain range in Dazhangshan is unpolluted and rich in natural resources, giving it a natural condition to grow the best-quality organic teas. This tea is produced by triple aromatization with fresh jasmine flowers, resulting in a delicate fragrance and a balanced flavour.


Chamomile Infusion

A delicate, soothing organic infusion with a mellow taste and sunny golden colour. Naturally caffeine free.