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All the Cleanse Packs are composed of six bottles

Deliveries charges will be as follows: 

All areas in Hong Kong Island  - $100 | TST - $120 | MongKok/ Jordan/ YauMa Tei - $150

All other areas, not listed (Delivery fee starts at $150)

We are sorry that due to the system upgrade that is in process, placing order online is NOT AVAILABLE.

For orders, please feel free to email us at or simply call us at (852) 2487 9098.

For payments, please deposit to:

HSBC 004 848 874475 838


A juice cleanse is a revitalising rejuvenating and rehydrating treatment for your body. At 12NOON our professionally designed program will help your body to reach optimum detoxification. Be clean, be healthy! 

Hit the reset button with 12 NOON. Our new Cleanse packs will BALANCE AND REVITALIZE YOUR BODY. 

It will detox your body and tame your hangry cravings at the same time.

Known expected reaping benefits are increased energy, better digestion, antioxidant boost, and

overall sense of well-being knowing you’ve weaned yourself off the sugar/carb/processed food rollercoaster.



BEGINNER 1152 Kcal Per Day

First time doing a cleanse? The EASY GOING cleanse is a rich source of Vitamin C, loaded with strong anti-oxidants; its benefits will help boost your immune system.



INTERMEDIATE 1093 Kcal Per Day

Looking for an intermediate juice cleanse? CLEANSE + has the combination of fruits and vegetables in the juices and smoothies that are rich in fiber. It can help lower cholesterol level, control blood sugar and aids in achieving healthy weight goal.



EXPERT 731 Kcal Per Day

Want to feel the extreme benefit of cleansing?Then, “THE ONE & ONLY” is for you! According to experienced cleansers looking for a deeper detox, green juices can maximize the benefit of your cleanse. They help eliminate toxins from the body, improve health, help achieve weight loss, and make skin glow.


• To make sure you are getting the freshest juices. Our cleanse is made to order,  please allow us 24 hours (1day) for the preparation of your order. Any orders outside the cut-off time of 2.30pm will be processed and delivered the day following the next delivery date.

• Should you want to have your cleanse delivered over the weekend, all orders must be processed during Monday to Friday. Currently, our office is closed during the weekends and during public holidays but our kitchen is in operations until any changes are made operationally, our ordering staff will inform you.

• Day before the beginning of the cleanse (i.e. if 1st day of cleanse will start on Monday, it will be delivered on Sunday night between 5pm-9pm, 2nd day of cleanse will be delivered on Monday between 5pm-9pm for Tuesday morning cleanse) delivery fee applies for all individual cleanse. 12NOON strongly recommends that you separate deliveries when ordering more than 1 day of cleanse to keep the juices fresh.

• Cleanse orders may also be picked up in any of 12NOON stores (Wan chai or Central), self pick up does not require delivery fee.

• 12noon’s delivery personnel will be obliged to contact the client so if its important that during the course of the delivery, a proper communication correspondence is exchanged. 


• Cold pressed juices are 100% raw fruits and vegetables. They must be taken out of the bag and refrigerated immediately upon receiving the delivery and stored in the fridge at 0-4° C, until you are ready to drink them.

• It should not sit out for longer than 2 hours, or 1/2 hour if the outdoor temperature is above 30° C. If it does- discard it.

• Pregnant woman or during the menstruation period are not recommended to do juice cleanse programs.

• People with food allergies should seek for advices from doctor before doing the cleanse journey.

• Other side effect of juice cleansing you may experience are nauseam, light-headedness, diarrhoea, dry mouth, If you feel sick during juice fasting, stop immediately. Please consult your doctor if necessary.