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A juice cleanse is a revitalising rejuvenating and rehydrating treatment for your body. At 12NOON our professionally designed program will help your body to reach optimum detoxification. Be clean, be healthy!

All the Cleanse Packs are composed of six bottles - Delivery fee $50




Perfectly balanced with fruits and vegetables, this cleanse is designed for those who are new to juicing. You many not always make the healthiest choices but who doesn’t like to indulge? Luckily, this cleanse will purify your body, mind and soul by removing harmful toxins from the body. We created this cleanse to get you back on track to a healthier lifestyle. By the end of this cleanse you will notice a change in your body, increased energy level and will be craving less toxic foods. Welcome to a healthier YOU!



Restore your body back to a harmonious state with our intermediate cleanse. Recommended for people who have done the Purification Cleanse and are ready to increase the intensity. This cleanse will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle and rid your body of unwanted fat and toxins.



This cleanse is made for green juice lovers and health nuts! Our most intense cleanse that digs DEEP inside the body to rid yourself of built up toxins that have been stored in the digestive system for years. This cleanse will yield the biggest results from weight loss to glowing skin. Transform your body from the inside out with this extremely powerful cleanse.



• To make sure you are getting the freshest juices. Our cleanse is made to order,  please allow us 48 hours (2days) for the preparation of your order.

• Day before the beginning of the cleanse (i.e. if 1st day of cleanse will start on Monday, it will be delivered on Sunday night between 5pm-9pm, 2nd day of cleanse will be delivered on Monday between 5pm-9pm for Tuesday morning cleanse) delivery fee applies for all individual cleanse. 12NOON strongly recommends that you separate deliveries when ordering more than 1 day of cleanse to keep the juices fresh. Kowloon delivery $100, HK island $50.

• Cleanse orders may also be picked up in any of 12NOON stores (Wan chai or Central), self pick up does not require delivery fee.

• 12noon’s delivery personnel will be obliged to contact the client so if its important that during the course of the delivery, a proper communication correspondence is exchanged. 


• Cold pressed juices are 100% raw fruits and vegetables. They must be taken out of the bag and refrigerated immediately upon receiving the delivery and stored in the fridge at 0-4° C, until you are ready to drink them.

• It should not sit out for longer than 2 hours, or 1/2 hour if the outdoor temperature is above 30° C. If it does- discard it.

• Pregnant woman or during the menstruation period are not recommended to do juice cleanse programs.

• People with food allergies should seek for advices from doctor before doing the cleanse journey.

• Other side effect of juice cleansing you may experience are nauseam, light-headedness, diarrhoea, dry mouth, If you feel sick during juice fasting, stop immediately. Please consult your doctor if necessary.